Upcoming Phones in July and August 2020 :

Upcoming Phones in July and August 2020 :

And August 2020 red mi annex 5g and red mi pro 5g read me claims that these are the cheapest 5g phones, around already unveiled in China, and will be available in other countries in the month of July 2020. The latest additions to the Redmi smartphone portfolio run on media tech diamonds 8820 chipset and Packer with a 4005 and 20 image battery. Upcoming phones of 2020

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The red metre and at 5g offers a triple rear camera setup, while the Redmi 10 x profile has a quad camera setup at the Mac, both phones support dual band phi G and comes with a screen fingerprint sensor, the Redmi tannic four g model has also launched alongside, and this variant seems to be a rebranded version of the Redmi Note nine coming to the detailed specification of the Redmi 10 X Pro 5g, the red meat and X Pro phi g runs on mru 11 features of 6.57 inch as the plus display with HDR 10 plus support and comes with 600 nits of brightness also powered by the seven nanometer media tech Diamond City 820 processor, coupled with Moto G five seven MC five GPU, the phone packs eight GB of RAM and comes up to 256 GB of internal storage coming to the optics the red metre next profiles he has a quiet camera setup but the bag comes with a 48 megapixel main camera and an eight megapixel telephoto shooter that supports three x optical zoom phi x have resumed, and 30 x digital zoom.

There is another eight megapixel ultra wide angle camera, and finally the Excel macro camera on the back of the phone has a 20 megapixel selfie camera housed inside the water off style launch. This one is expected to cost you around $400 in the international market, 26, or 27,000 Indian rupees. Links are given in the description you can check the more details from the real me x three superzoom, the real me X ray superzoom is now official in China, and will be available in the month of July 2020, the real me x three superzoom gets its name from the eight megapixel 120 millimetre phi x periscope zoom lens which through software and with the help of 64 megapixel main sensor can snap up to 60 x hybrid zoom shots.

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The rest of the rear cameras are an eight megapixel ultra wide, and a two MP macro. The main camera offers nightscape 4.0 complete with a Pro mode with manual settings like ISO shutter speed and white balance and autofocus, as well as AI mode, which does everything on its own. With that there is also a tripod mode provided on the front real me x three super zoom packs or dual camera in a pill shape to punch holes in the display the main selfie sensor is a 32 megapixel Sony IMS 616 sensor and on the side, there is an eight megapixel ultra wide angle second shooter.

The main sensor offers nightscape selfie capture night more for selfies. The display itself is a 6.57 inch IPS LCD display with the 120 hertz, refresh rate and the fingerprint scanner is a side mounted sensor here, x ray superzoom uses a Snapdragon 855 plus chipset with a 12 gb of ram vapour chamber cooling and us three pounds of storage with a turbo right.

The phone is expected to cost you around 450 to $500 in international market, things are given a description again check the more details from there. Or you know series are known for its stylish and amazing camera smartphones already know for the upcoming smartphone in this series The fool is rumoured to come with a 6.43 inch touchscreen display and the opening of four is expected to be powered by an optical Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 g processor, covered with eight GB of RAM, the OB no four is rumoured to run Android 10 out of the box, and it is expected that it will come with a 4000 image of battery with a fast charging support as far as cameras are concerned, Oberyn oh four is rumoured to bag, a 48 megapixel primary camera.

A second eight megapixel camera and in third. Two megapixel camera. It is also expected that this one will come with a 32 megapixel of selfie camera to take beautiful selfies. Already the teasers of this phone we can find on the internet, the most of the details are not at reveal. So once the details are revealed, I will update in my channel, things are given the description you can check the more details of this device from there.

We will execute the series, we will execute the series smartphones are the upcoming smartphone from vivo, which are confirmed to launch in the first week of June 2020, and will be available in the month of July and August 2020 all the countries, we will have revealed that acquire cameras set up on the vivo X series. The company highlighted the micro gimbal camera system on the view x 54, that is also available in the pro model, the gimbal camera on the PU is much larger, and the phone’s rear camera module comes in a unique design, while vanilla vivo x 50 also packs a quandary of camera setup. It is unclear whether the smartphone will include a micro gimbal camera system or not, as this video is made before the launch of the phone. So some of the specifications are expected and leaked information, put the phones are speculated to include a periscope camera, other details such as the processor battery capacity storage options, etc are currently unknown.

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