Future Robots, Artificail Intelligence other science and technology news:

Future Robots, Artificail Intelligence other science and technology news:

How robots will Space Technology robots robot waiters and space robot presidents, watch this week’s release to the end and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Best Technology news.

Shopping Mall in Bangkok has done a great way to win back customers by launching a four legged canine robot to giveaway disinfectant to customers. The robot with its cheerful backlighting on its legs and the frighteningly marked five g moves offline, though, that doesn’t mean it’s not being monitored by a remote operator,

the robotic systems lab has also found a useful application for its animal robot. Recently, the robot receives sensory stops which we told you about in the last news release. They allow it to feel the tilt of surface and maintain its balance. Now it has been trained to find damage on concrete walls in the sewer system with these feet.

Engineers at the University of California at San Diego, are also working to improve the legs of their robot, a latex membrane sphere was added to the leg so the robot could move faster on uneven surfaces such as pebbles inside, they’re filled with regular ground coffee, the loose substance helps the legs to take shape of the surface and not get bruised and the pebbles. On the one hand the robot can adapt to a wide variety of landscapes. On the other hand, the latex membrane is not a particularly strong material ABB robotics demonstrated the joint dismantling of mechanical watches by robots and humans, the precision of the YUI robots gripper and vacuum tooling allows us to work with even the smallest details. The technology has not yet been implemented, but the demonstrates how the robot can be used for such a delicate operation.

We’re not even sure if this is a robot that the manufacturer is positioning it that way, press O is a dry cleaning machine that is fully complete in just five minutes. The company says it uses soft robotics to properly hold the clothes and then clean disinfect press and dry them in just five minutes. The machines was used in hotels, but after adding the disinfection function, the film industry has gained interest in this machines.


Meat omelette bot, and it doesn’t just make omelettes it cooks them specifically for you. In order to realise the idea of the individual approach, engineers had to teach the robot to accept and understand the feedback about his coronary masterpiece from humans. The robot, then adapts this recipe and techniques to your taste the complexity of the system is the subjectivity of each client’s individual feelings. The robot has to understand the nuances of three indications taste appearance and texture rated on a scale from one to 10, then the robot achieves the desired result by changing the amount of salt and pepper. The duration of beating and cooking time.

Engineers at the Sherbrooke University in Canada have developed a hydraulic arm that attaches to the user’s thigh and allows the user to pick up fruit faster, work with tools or punch through walls. The robot arm has three degrees of freedom, moves at a speed of 3.4 metres per second and lifts up to five kilogrammes, but today it is completely dependent on the operators control the manipulator itself weighs only four kilogrammes but uses a cumbersome external power supply, limiting the user’s mobility.

At the same time, gentle and powerful, the robot can potentially give you superpowers, but only if you stand still, the workspace of the manipulator is designed so that it cannot hit you in the face. If you add another hand and a battery to your back, you can feel like d’Oro from Mortal Kombat a Chinese restaurant with robotic waiters opened in the Netherlands. Although the idea of using robots in public catering is not new. There are surprisingly a few robotic restaurants in the world. However, the coven pandemic has given this trend of magical kick, and now robotic waivers are not only exotic but also safer, especially if they are timely disinfecting robots know how to carry food and drinks, communicate with visitors and collect dirty dishes. Technology News

Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory have proven that artificial intelligence is just as important as sleep, as we are to recipes in the lab is studying pulsed neural networks systems that learn just like the living brain. However, after long periods of self learning, there was instability in modelling the network. The problem was solved by exposing the neural networks to conditions similar to those experienced by the living brain during sleep. The results of the experiments show that slow sleep may partially help cortical neurons to maintain their stability and not hallucinate now scientists want to implement their algorithm on the Intel la heat neuromorphic chip, hoping that it will work more stable if they sleep from time to time. If the results confirm Namie for sleep and artificial brains is expected that the same will be true for androids and other intelligent machines that will appear in the future. Technology News

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab has shown that it is the most sophisticated robotic sampling system, ever built on a perseverance Mars rover. It will collect samples from the rocky surface of Mars seal them into pipes and preserve them until the next mission, which will bring them to earth when they arrive. By the way, the new Mars rover perseverance itself will be fully ready in July of 2020, the task of this new space robot consists of several parts, but its main purpose is to collect samples that the future spacecraft can return to Earth. All Mars robots will stay there forever when they arrive on the red planet. Does this mission we’ll be the first to bring samples from Mars back to our planet. Technology News

NASA has also begun building a residential airlock for the gateway bypass station. For this purpose, the agency has allocated 180 $7 million to Northrop Grumman to develop residential and logistic blocks of the halo station where the crew will live after arriving the circumpolar orbit, the airlock is not likely to be a part of the Artemis Lunar Reconnaissance mission scheduled for 2024, but NASA believes the space station will be very important to the longer term lunar plans.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency JAXA has announced a new concept for debris removal on Earth’s orbit, using laser equip satellites, the spacecraft will be launched in 2023. From then on, a radar will start operating on Honshu island to track space to breeze threatening Japanese space objects. The main thing being to ensure that the spacecraft is not destroyed existing satellites of other countries. Technology News

At the same time, Roscosmos has patented a skid for catching large space debris, such as spacecrafts upper stage boosters last rocket stages and similar objects, they will be caught by a device in the form of a sliding and controlled frame with small thrust engines. Once the space engine debris is inside the frame, the network covers the object and the frame is folded the debris will then be placed in a disposal orbit, or in a dense atmosphere for combustion.

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