How to increase blog traffic, Best way to rank your site

How to increase blog traffic, Best way to rank your site

Vistitor generate site conversion to increase blog traffic

In case you’re similar to most blog owners you’re number 1 grumbling is that you’re not getting enough deals from your site. Possibly you don’t have to hit a million traffic , perhaps you simply need a few hundred thousand. Envision the effect that only 10,000 month to month guests would have on your image!

In the course of recent months, I’ve been contemplating the sites that lead their market and make the most traffic for their theme. There’s a colossal measure of data here to process, yet in the event that you take only 1 of these traffic-driving tips and put it to use inside your site, you will see an emotional change in your day by day, week by week and even month to month guests. At last, this will prompt more deals and business development for your image.

You should know before perusing this article it took these brands barely 1 year to hit the 1 million guest mark. In any case, consider it… What were you doing a year ago? Did your endeavors acquire enough traffic? Presumably not. Why not take on certain strategies that will take care of you one year from now.

Top Formula to increase  traffic on blog

1 Wtite quality contents

f you ask SEO experts and different advertisers this inquiry, you’ll find assorted and some of the time one-sided solutions. Or on the other hand more awful, a spewing forth of what you’ve just heard or seen somewhere else (e.g., utilizing content length to decide content quality)

Be that as it may, quality substance is basically content that accomplishes its showcasing objective. For you, that may be:

  • Expanding brand mindfulness.
  • Positioning great on web indexes. (ranking on search engine)
  • Improving navigate rates.
  • Producing leads.
  • Getting social offers.

A bit of substance that accomplishes any (or the entirety) of these showcasing goals is quality substance.

So how might you make quality substance?

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2   Keyword Research and choose a quality topic

when you start writing your article blog post, you should  always research keywords and take a good topic in which people want to read, only the best  keyword you choose will bring traffic to your blog,

While writing your post, you have to use those keywords correctly, when people search those Phrase on the search engine then traffic will start coming to your blog article.

Keep in mind while doing keyword research,

  • choose related Phrases from your category niche  this brings targeted traffic.
  • Always choose  the Phrases that have higher search volume and low competition rate.
  • Use Long tail keyword.
  • Do not do keyword stuffing in posts.
  • You can use Semrush and Ubersuggest Tool to do Keyword Research.

3 Need quality Content and Seo friendly

when we Write  a article post is intresting , if you pay attention to the quality content  of the post, then you can get a huge amount of organic  traffic on your blog, whenever you must have heard that “Content is King”, this is also true in this case,

 one of the best tips to get higher traffic on blog Use “On-page Seo” when we started  “singhtechnical”just 3 month and 60% of singhtechnical traffic is from google, bing search engine Comes through in huge amount.

  • You can write Seo Friendly article by using On-Page Seo,
  • Search engines give good ranking to Seo friendly posts,
  • wordpress user have best tools for SEO freiendly article  Yoast Seo wordpress plugin to write your post,

4 Always write Long Article

when we observed some article they rank on google it has been observed their article which have long length article  tend to rank well in search engines like Google,bing  which gives you a lot of  organic traffic from search engines,

 if we write long article , we can use our keyword more often, due to which our article becomes valuable of being ranked well in the search engine,

  • You can give more information about article to the user,
  • Users will visit your article frequently
    Visitors trust on your blog,
  • One thing to keep in mind is not to do  use same word repeating keyword stuffing in your article and try to give quality information to your user, because Google also repeatedly advises its readers to keep their content clean.

5 Increase Traffic on blog by using Email

By email You can bring traffic, email method is used only by Professionals  Blogger, you can also use this  pro method to bring traffic to your blog.

You can use Jetpack Plugin, this plugin transfer that post to your user via email, in addition to the users who have followed or subscribed to your blog.

  •  In my singhtechnical 10% of traffic comes in this way.
  • This tips help to increasing traffic  every day.
  • It helps to increase CTR.

6 Create Backlink

You must have read in many articles before that traffic comes from the backlinks and if the authority of the domain also increases, then you have heard your truth ………

The higher the domain authority of your blog site, the higher your post will rank in the search engine

some tips to get backlink

  • You can write guest posts to build backlinks.
  • Comment on website related to Niche.
  • Writing unique quality content on the blog also gives backlink.

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