Hairstyle for girls | improve your hairstyle with some tips

Hairstyle for girls | improve your hairstyle with some tips

Hello guys!! So, in this post we will talk about gorgeous hairstyles for girls on different occasions and for different dresses. There are so many different types of hair and hairstyle tips  for girls.

Haircutting for girls to make different hairstyles

There are 50 types of hair cutting for girls with short, medium, and long hair:-

  1. Smoothed out pixie
  2. Textured pixie
  3. Messy won
  4. Long Bob with side bangs
  5. Multilayers for long hair
  6. Layers with a bang
  7. Layered Bob
  8. Classic uniform length
  9. Messy shaggy look
  10. Medium way cut with bangs
  11. Medium haircut with V- cut layers
  12. Long bunt cut with surface layers
  13. Light as a feather fine hair
  14. Long layers
  15. Slanted Bob with layers
  16. Straight haircut for oval face
  17. All over layer for long hair … Etc.

Trending hair colors for girls

Trending hair colors for girls
  1. Blonde ends
  2. Burgundy babe
  3. Pretty in pastels
  4. Charismatic coral
  5. Ombre obsession
  6. Teal the deal
  7. Basic brunette
  8. Dark honey blonde hair
  9. This glossy – brown hair color
  10. Golden highlights

Essential hair Accessories for girls Hairstyles

There are some essential hair Accessories and also every girl should have this Accessories in their homes.these are some basic Accessories which we use in daily routine life But there are 18 hair Accessories:-

  1. Verbose Bobby pins
  2. Pearl hairpin
  3. Statement scrunchies
  4. Velvet hairband
  5. Bold bows
  6. Barrettes
  7. Bun and crown shaper
  8. Rubber band.
  9. Pony tail hair bands
  10. Elastic and ties
  11. Side comb
  12. Sweat bands
  13. Hair pin
  14. Tiara
  15. Purpose decoration
  16. Utility
  17. Material metal
  18. Wood hair Assessories
  19. Horn

How can you care your hairs in daily routine life at home to improve your hairstyles

How can you care your hairs in daily routine life at home to improve your hairstyles

1. Shampoo

We should use 2-4 times a week. ( depending on the need)

So first of all we will talk about what shampoo should use? Basically you should use that shampoo which gives you better results and also depend upon the condition of hair . Basically I absulatly love to use hair and shoulder ( cool menthol) but if you have hairfall problem you can try hair and shoulder anti shampoo . You should not changing your shampoo every few months. That is a big myth. If a shampoo smoothes you , stay to that shampoo instead of constantly experiment changing in your shampoo. I have known with all the new products coming in the market all the time hard to resist but if you can find the shampoo that works for you that’s really good.


For hair conditioner once again head and shoulder hair conditioner. The hair conditioner and shampoo should be the same company. For example, If you use dove or another shampoo then also use dove hair conditioner or another hair conditioner but make sure same company. Hair conditioner makes your hair more smooth and silky and protect from hair damage.

Hair oiling

If you have no time for this hair oiling, hair spa and at all . So , here is very quick option for you ,take a regular oil and add like about 1/4 castle oil and 3/4 regular hair oil and just a few drops of vitamin E and just use this as a regular hair oil. Here is also another good option you can also use onion hair oil ( tycones ) it protect our hair from damage you can use this oil as a daily hair oil and also available Onion shampoo and conditioner ( tycones).

Hair spray

You should not use use lots of hair spray for hair because there are lots of hair spray mostly of chemicals not use hair spray very frequently. Although spray shines your hair and hairstyle tips .

  • L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray is overall best hair spray.
  • TRESemmé Micromist Hairspray is best in budget option.
  • Matrix Vavoom Freezing Spray is best for thick hair.
  • Kenra Volume Spray 25 is best for fine hair.
  • Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray is best for dry hair.

Hair spa

IT is not important. It causes damage your hair if you use hair spa frequently. You must use hair spa only on special occasions .

Hair coloring

It repair your damage hair and glossy hair , hair straightening. If you want you can colour your hair as you want . But always remember don’t colour your hair frequently.

Hair facts:-

Hot water makes hair dry, frizzy and weak . So use cool water for wash your hair.

Don’t tie up wet hair, it makes hair weak.

Excessive heat:- curling breaks the H2 bonds in your hair, causing severe damage.

Dandruff treatment

Dandruff is one of the most common causes of hair fall . If you have no time for details of dandruff treatment after your shampoo and even after your conditioner you just take (hairstyle tips )a mug of water and mix 1/4 lemon into it and very slowly just run this water on your hair and towel dry it . It will definitely help in delay with dandruff some extend.


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