Consequence and Law’s of Karma

Consequence and Law’s of Karma

We all know the laws of science. We know the laws of the country we live in laws of the city we live in. And we call our law abiding citizens. Similarly, there are some spiritual laws. Laws of karma

And they are guiding compass. And if we are aware of the spiritual law. They’re not every tote intention, feeling word and behaviour will be great, right for us right for the people around us. And right for the situation right for the wild. One of those spiritual laws is law of karma.

Very often, when something happens in life, which is not the way we wanted it to be. It could be in our career, it could be in relationships, it could be in our health. It could be something to do with a family member. One question that pops up on the screen of the mind is, why did this happen.

Why does this happen to me. Why is it that this happens to me again and again. And we look for answers, who is responsible for what is happening to me in my life. Sometimes we blame people and situations. And when we find no one to blame here, we point the finger up there and we say, God’s Well, we were taught everything is happening according to God’s will pause and check if everything was happening, according to God’s will.

If our destiny and the destiny of everyone on this planet was written by God, how would the world be. It would be a perfect world, it would be an equal was each one would have everything perfect, and everyone would have everything perfect, but that’s not the case. Our destiny is not always perfect, and our destiny is not always equal. Laws of karma

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We also learn as children. The law of karma that as will be my karma. So will be the consequences.

The energy that I create and I radiate out that energy will return to me. So two belief systems that everything is happening according to God’s will for everything that’s happening to me is a consequence of my karma. Laws of karma

Most of my customers are right. But sometimes intentionally or unintentionally. I may have created thoughts or feelings, words or behaviours, which are not right. And therefore, my destiny is not always perfect. Each one of us has different karmas. And so our destinies are also different. And so, let’s understand this law of karma. And let’s not blame people situations, or the supreme power for our destiny, we’ve all grown up believing, everything is predestined. And whenever something happened people said it was pre distinct, but predestined by whole. So let’s explore this spiritual law. The law of karma. What is karma. Karma means the thought I create the word I speak, and the behaviour I enact told word behaviour. Karma is not just word and behaviour. It’s taught word behaviour.

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So my thoughts, words behaviour is the energy that I create and the energy that I create radiates it radiates to my body. It radiates to people. It radiates to situations it radiates to nature. It radiates into the universe. It’s my karma, it’s the energy, I create and I radiate situations that come to me. people’s behaviour fluctuation in career or business health fluctuations. These are energies that come to me. This is my destiny. This is the consequence of my karma. So everything that I create is my karma. Everything that happens to me is my destiny. So let’s get the energy flow, very very right because this is something which we have to be aware of. Always. It should be like a recording on Mars our conscious aware, always so that every told everyone, every behaviour is being checked by this law. So what I create is my karma. What’s happening to me is my destiny. Now I apply the law of karma here and I understand. Laws of karma

I will have a consequence. Now, when something happens to me in my life. Look at the current situation. Things are happening in our life. People are behaving a certain way, my body may give certain signals. These are things which are happening to me. Now when something happens to me and my mind says, Why did this happen. I have to answer it immediately. what is happening to me is energy that is flowing in this direction. And now I need to apply the law there any energy that is flowing in this direction is a return of the energy that had gone this way, this law I have to apply, always. Anything that is coming to me in this direction is on its return journey.

It’s a return of the energy that had gone here. So when my mind says, Why is this happening to me. I do not need to waste any more time and energy, why what how I immediately need to give it an answer. This what is happening to me is a consequence of my earlier karma.

The power now is what is going to be my present karma. Suppose someone does not behave right with you and repeatedly is not behaving the right way to you could be at home, could be at work, and the mind says, Why are they doing this to me. Now this is energy that is coming on the return journey. This is this way because it is their behaviour. We cannot change this energy. We cannot control this energy, but we have complete choice. What is the new karma which we are going to create. So the power is in the present karma, what is coming to us is a return of past karma. What we are creating now is going to be the present karma. Laws of karma

And what we create now will decide our future destiny energy coming this way. Return of past karma energy getting created and radiate out present karma, and what goes out this way, we’ll come back like this as my destiny tomorrow, next year, or many many years later, and that’s why it’s called predestined, which means what is going to return to me tomorrow is predestined, but predestined by me today. Today predestined by me. As per my present karma. So today when we are creating our present karma, we need to remember, we are writing the destiny of our future could be five minutes later, but we are writing our destiny for the future. It could be five minutes later, it could be 50 years later, but my present karma will return with a consequence. This is awareness.

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